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Papyrus Bead Sprite  by KrisShawol Papyrus Bead Sprite :iconkrisshawol:KrisShawol 2 0 Frisk - Bead Sprite by KrisShawol Frisk - Bead Sprite :iconkrisshawol:KrisShawol 0 0 Sans - Bead Sprite by KrisShawol Sans - Bead Sprite :iconkrisshawol:KrisShawol 2 0


Genderbend Mercy by okageo Genderbend Mercy :iconokageo:okageo 140 10 Fandom sketchdump by VonMorjo Fandom sketchdump :iconvonmorjo:VonMorjo 2 2
TIME [Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader]
“Uhh do we really have to be recording this? I’m a bit uncomfortable…”
“But you promised me…”
“Alright fine, what am I supposed to say again?”
“Your name. That’s all.”
“Okay…? My name is [L/N] [F/N].”
“Good job! That was easy you see?”
He inched closer to you on the bed so that he was included in the camera as well.
“Shall we begin?”
He kissed you. Sweet and gentle.
“I’m nervous.”
“It’s okay babe. Just tell me if it hurts, I’ll stop.”
“I just… Tetsu…”
You smiled nervously.
“I really hope this surgery goes well.”
“Me too [F/N] .”
Kuroo sat snuggly by your side, so you were both facing the video recorder. You had on your best dress, while Kuroo was dressed in his Nekoma jersey.
“Why don’t we start. Tell the cam about how wonderful your boyfriend is.
:iconcasaline:Casaline 77 30
Sprain | Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader
You didn't really know how it happened. You were on a routine run, the weather was perfect,  your breathing was calm and controlled. It was one of the very few mornings you felt as if you could have run for miles, your legs feeling stronger than ever, your steps in sync with the beat of your music. Now your ankle felt swollen and cramped, your body collapsed on the green grass while you stared in bewilderment at a cloudless sky.
Careless bikers, you thought spitefully.
It was a route you barely took knowing it's tendency to be congested, but you were feeling energetic. Perhaps it was a little bit your fault, being so into the rhythm in your ears that you completely dismissed the group of cyclist speeding around the corner. In a last ditch effort to avoid being ran over, you juked carelessly off the sidewalk, planting your right foot into uneven terrain.
You knew it was over for you the moment your ankle rolled, a sharp pang shooting up the length of your leg as you tumbled down th
:iconmikittykun:Mikittykun 130 13
happy chat by Hogekys happy chat :iconhogekys:Hogekys 337 19
Kenma x Reader || Pet Troubles
apologies for any spelling/grammar/punctuation mistakes!!
please someone come and save this freaking precious cinnamon roll because i s2g;; :heart:

"Kozume-kun?" If curiosity and surprise weren't the right words to describe the expression that was etched onto your face then you didn't know what was as you stared at the pudding-haired male in front of you.
Looking down, you could see a small calico kitten was fidgeting inside his shirt and grip as Kenma tried his best to compose himself and the kitten still. The sight made you giggle slightly as you watched in amusement.
Your slender hand was loosely placed on the doorknob of your dorm room; the other was dangling next to your hip as you shifted your weight onto your left leg.
"Ah, (Y/N)-chan..." The male began quietly, fluctuating his attention back to you with an unusually nervous look on his face, a bead of fresh sweat strolling down the side of his face. Immediately a part of you began to worry.
Kenma was always c
:icondamn-daddi0:DAMN-DADDI0 66 6
conversations. bokuto koutaro
bokuto x reader
notes: may be confusing since it's just the dialogue.
"(Name), help me with my essay!"
"Okay, what should I do?"
"Highlight everything that looks stupid."
"Should I highlight your face then?"
"Do I look pretty, Akaashi-san?"
"Do you think Bokuto will like it?"
"I think he will. He likes you a lot."
"But what if he doesn't?"
"I'm sure he will love your new dress, (Name)-san."
"Okay, I will ask him now."
"Bokuto, how do I look?"
"(Name), you're so cute."
"-- But not when you're angry at me."


"Knock, knock."
"Door's open."
"Ugh, this again. Alright, what did I do wrong?"
"I got ice cream. Want some?"
"(Name), I like you. A LOT."
"No, I'm
:iconstarrymayflower:starrymayflower 171 18
Sugawara Koushi x Reader - Remember
Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyuu!! or any of the characters that are mentioned. I am not making any profit from this fic and I write purely for the love of the characters. Haikyuu!! is the property of Haruichi Furudate.
Age: 5
"Hey!" you called out, rushing up to the silver haired boy at the playground. He was alone, and you were alone, so two people together meant that you guys wouldn't be alone. His hazel, brown eyes turned to look at you, his mouth shaped in a small o, and then a bright smile bloomed on his face.
"I'm Sugawara Koushi," he cheerfully responds. You were cute, probably the same age as him. And your mother had tied your hair into two adorable pigtails. 
"I'm [L/N] [F/N]!" you stuck out a hand, and waited for him to grab it. Once his hand slid against yours and both of you tightened your grasp, you smiled, "It's nice to meet you! Sugawara-kun!"
Age: 8
"Don't run [F/N]!" Sugawara laughed as he called out. You were at his house again as you rushed throug
:iconitbeajen:itbeajen 19 11
Child (Kuroo Tetsurou x Kozume!Reader)

How beautiful and devastating.
Red roses and red dresses? How typical of him.
Everything looked like they came out straight from a fairy tale; ready for a happy ever after.
Maybe it would really be a happy ever after. But not for everyone.
As the piano sprang to life, every pair of eyes turned to take a look at the blushing bride in the pastry-like white dress.
The bride was the main star of the day. Every attention was on her, and not the red-clad bridesmaids nor the young, innocent flower girl.
How ironic, having this pure child doing the work while the groom himself still saw you as a child.
Your (e/c) orbs were lifted to find hazel, cat-like eyes staring lovingly at your direction. But you knew better than that. It might be at your direction, but it wasn't for you. After all, you weren't the star of the event.
His loving eyes were reserved only for her, the beautiful bride walking behind you.
Oh, how you wanted to run, to hi
:iconaoririhito:AoriRihito 40 5
alarm | akaashi keiji
    The moment his alarm went off, Akaashi was already up and turning it off. He stretched slowly in the early morning sun and rubbed sleep from his eyes. I slept well last night, he thought absently, running a hand through dark, tousled hair. Maybe because she stayed over with me? 
    He looked at you, sleeping comfortably and well in his bed. His alarm hadn't bothered you in the slightest. 
    She's quite the sleeper.
    Seeing that you were still conked out, he decided that he'd brush his teeth and start on breakfast for the both of you. Would she like it if I brought breakfast to her? Maybe she'll just come out on her own.
The plan was that he'd make your favorite breakfast and the smell would be enough to coax you out of bed without him having to wake you up. And normally, his plans always worked. 
    Somehow, though, you just always unwittingly th
:iconharuitsuki:haruitsuki 116 14
Kuroo Tetsurou || Bored Kuroo
You were playing with your phone with your head leaning on Kuroo's shoulder. Kuroo had his head rested on your head too as he was watching the television, flipping to every channel but none of them catch his interest.
Kuroo glanced at you when you giggled lightly. You were chatting with your female friend and seemed to be enjoying it. He didn't want to bother you though but he's bored as hell it could kill him any moment or his mind could go insane.
    "(y/n)-san." He mumbled.
    "Yes?" You replied without looking at him, eyes still occupied on the phone.
Suddenly, you felt a hand move up to your thigh. It sent a jolt to your body and you instantly move away from Kuroo.
    "AAH! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" You shrieked.
    "I'm bored--"
    "PERVERT!" You cut and threw a pillow at him.
    "WHAT THE--" He spiked the pillow before it could land on his face. "I'M YOUR HUSBAND GOD DAMN IT
:iconkarentakamiya:KarenTakamiya 92 6
Mature content
Influences (Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader) :icondeliriumgrey:deliriumgrey 45 29
What about me? (Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader)
Canoodle: Verb [kuh-nood-l]
-To caress, fondle or pet amorously.
The first kiss.
Its that awkward and joyous moment in every adolescent's life.
It starts with a look of deep longing.
Looking deep into each other's eyes.
Cautious and calculated movements towards each other.
Making sure to not break eye contact.
Then, finally, faces a breadth away.
The slightest tilt of flush faces.
Lips touch
Lust deepen
A release of long-
"Can you please stop narrating whenever I eat, Damn!"
Kuroo was not having this. Face twisted in a sour look, he grabs Name's chin, squeezing her face forcing her lips to purse out. Attempts at biting his hand fail as a spew of curses spill from her mouth.
"Why can't you look at me with an ounce of longing you do food? Every time we go out I always lose you to the food court!"
Finally freeing her face from the jaws of life that was Testurou's massive hands,
she snorts in disbelief, Name couldn't help laugh at the giant
:icondeliriumgrey:deliriumgrey 162 94
Mature content
Whiskey Tango (Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader) :icondeliriumgrey:deliriumgrey 36 16
Sleepover Mishaps [HQ Captains x Reader] Part 3
You observed that after eating more than a dozen of cookies, which contained lots and lots of chocolate, you went to the state known as ‘sugar high’.
You practically appointed Bokuto as the male version of Elsa, while Oikawa was the male version of Anna; reasoning ridiculously that it was because of their hair color. You three pranced along with the movie, belting the songs out of the top of your lungs and made extra scenes here and there.
Ushijima and Daichi literally had to pin you to the couch from keeping yourself trying to ride the back of Moniwa who you said was Sven. Terushima quickly took advantage of the situation and offered to ‘hold’ you back by caging you in his arms, which was quickly denied by Kuroo.
Overall, the movie watching was not peaceful, mainly because of Oikawa and Bokuto taking benefit from your current state and making you wreak havoc along with them as the movie was ongoing.

I am never doing that again.

You though
:iconderanged-gongzhu:Deranged-Gongzhu 182 96
Sleepover Mishaps [HQ Captains x Reader] Part 2
Nibbling on the fifth cookie that you’ve had for the night, you glanced up at the clock. It was now 8:45 PM, 20 minutes after the incident happened.

Should I go back there now?

Your gaze absentmindedly wandered to the cookie jar in front of you. Noticing a rather small label at the other side of the transparent jar, you turned it around.
With big bold letters, it read
You almost choked on your cookie as you read the word ‘secret’.
Well, it wasn’t much of a secret as you immediately saw it when you rummaged through one of the kitchen cupboards.
You panicked as you closed the jar and glanced side to side if anyone saw you eating.

Should I place it back on the cupboard? Oikawa might notice that it was tampered with! And I’m the only one not in his room right now, so..

Quickly finishing the cookie, you secured the lid and hugged the jar tight to your b
:iconderanged-gongzhu:Deranged-Gongzhu 130 285


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